What is SOFO United?

Sofo United is a local men’s soccer club located on Long Island, New York. The club manages a team of 30 players and participates in a men’s soccer league. The club is stationed out of Manhasset and was founded by Peter Siafakas in 2010. The name of the club derives from the great Greek thinker and play-writer, Sophocles, who was known for serving as a leader in all aspects of public life.

Since the start, the club has put in tremendous effort to expand its purpose, reach and opportunity for local youth on Long Island interested in soccer. The club has its own training facility for the team along with staff-hired soccer trainers who work with training different youth soccer teams and leagues on Long Island (boys and girls.)

Outside of playing soccer, the club participates in many local fundraisers and hosts a few social events a year. Fundraises include local 5K’s such as Relay for Life or the Out of the Darkness Walk/Run, where teammates set up tables and also participate in the activity. Social events include holiday parties and an annual formal dinner open to the players, trainers, parents, and managers where awards are given out to the Sofo community members.

To learn more about the organization and upcoming events, be sure to visit our Facebook page!


Author: SOFO United

This is a page intended for educational purposes at Hofstra University for Public Relations 106, these posts are not intended for serious use.

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