Gym Workouts that will Improve your Speed, Strength, and Power

Training for game day might not only mean practicing on the field, but also hitting the gym. A good soccer player has an acquired skill set along with a balanced training schedule that focuses on different parts of the body. In order to be a well-conditioned athlete it is important to not give too much of your focus on one specific area, but condition your body as a whole. The gym is for developing horsepower on the field which is crucial for improving performance. By developing power in the weight room, you can actually become a faster runner and stronger athlete. However, it’s important to remember that not all exercises and machines are necessarily your ticket to high endurance and stamina. Selecting the proper exercises is critical because not all workouts are equal. In this article you will learn some workouts specific for improving your power, speed and agility, and legs.

    1. First let’s start with power. 

To improve your power, you can do a simple workout of single-leg hurdle hops. How this works is you stand on one leg and hop up about 6″ into the air and land naturally. Be sure to land softly with your hips down and back, to stabilize your knee and ankle when landing.

2 sets of 4 hops for each leg – Rest 30 seconds between sets

2. This next tip will focus on speed and agility. 

This skill can be improved with 3-way lungesThis workout is just an expansion of a regular lunge. First, start with your back straight and upright, doing a regular lunge forward so your front knee makes a 90 degree angle to the ground. After you bring your knee back and you return to start position, step laterally to the side. After you return to start position, step backwards to do a reverse lunge. After completing all 3 steps with your right leg, do the same to the left leg.

2 sets of 6 reps – Repeat for each leg

3. Finally we can focus on legs (leg strength). 

The perfect workout for yours legs would be squatting. To start, be sure to stand shoulder-width apart and angle your toes forward. Bend your knees and sit back as if you are about to sit in a chair and then return to your upright position. It’s helpful to place two small plates under your feet before starting in order to isolate the quad muscles. Squatting can also be done independently, with a bar (20-30 lbs resting on your shoulders), or with a 25 lb barbell.

5 sets of 10 reps- 3 minutes rest between each set

Be sure to refer back to this article and use these tips for your next gym day!


Author: SOFO United

This is a page intended for educational purposes at Hofstra University for Public Relations 106, these posts are not intended for serious use.

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