5 Must-Haves in Your Soccer Bag This Season

Spring is finally here, which means a new soccer season and time to get the latest and greatest gear.  A nice sized soccer bag can fit a good amount of items, but a question that seems to linger over most players minds is what exactly should be inside your soccer bag? A stocked bag should not be filled to the brim with items you might not necessarily need at all times. Instead, it’s important to pack the basic essentials that can last you throughout the season.


Here are a few pro tips to ensure the best use of your soccer storage for each practice and game.


1. Invest in a Quality Pair of Soccer Cleats

Consider trading in those $30 rip off Diadora’s for some genuine leather, Nike Mercurial Vapors. Besides the mere fact that they will give you the confidence boost of knowing your sharing the same cleats as professionals Christiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Alex Sanchez, and more, a good pair of cleats can make you a better player. Quality boots minimize the risk of injury and don’t leave you sore after a 90-minute game.

2. Have a Spare Ball 

You will never regret having an extra soccer ball on you. Whether you’re using it for practice or simply grabbing it on the go to shoot around with some friends, a spare ball will always come in handy.


3. Keep Extra Shin Guards

It never hurts to pack an extra pair of shin guards either. Keeping a low-cost pair in your bag can save you the 20-minute hassle of searching for your nice shin guards right before you’re about to leave for your game.


4. Pack a Pair of Clean Socks

The power of some clean soccer socks can go a long way in a desperate moment of need. Sticking to basic white can come in handy but if your team has a specific color, buying a matching or extra pair of socks can always come in handy.


5. An Extra Water Bottle

There’s nothing more glorious than finding an unopened bottle of Poland Spring at the bottom of your bag after chugging the last of your sports drink.


Be sure to refer back to these tips and check out the links before shopping around for your soccer bag this season!


Author: SOFO United

This is a page intended for educational purposes at Hofstra University for Public Relations 106, these posts are not intended for serious use.

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